One of the World's Leading Breathwork Courses

Unlock The Potential of Breathwork
21st/22nd Sept London UK 

Discover how Transformational Breath® offers busy professionals, caregivers, and wellness seekers a scientifically supported, holistic way to reduce stress, improve health, and balance emotional wellbeing.

One of the World’s Leading Breathwork Methods Developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz

Reclaim Your Breath™ 

21 & 22 Sept 2024 London UK

This Reclaim Your Breath Event offers space to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance mental clarity through the power of Transformational Breath®.

This method has been endorsed by well-known integrative medicine experts such as Deepak Chopra MD and Christiane Northrup MD.

Join us for a transformative weekend where you’ll learn practical breathwork techniques developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, a pioneer of the breathwork movement.

Her healing journey led her to develop Transformational Breath®, a technique that has moulded modern breathwork and helped millions of people worldwide since 1977.



Transformational Breath is a powerful technique that focuses on deep, connected breathing to promote personal growth, healing, and wellness. By using diaphragmatic breaths, it helps reduce stress, increase energy, and improve mental clarity. Created by Dr. Judith Kravitz over 40 years ago, this method has helped many people worldwide with physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.


Yes, definitely. Transformational Breath is safe.This technique is suitable for all ages, from seniors to babies, and it accommodates all fitness levels. Breathing is something we do naturally without much thought, but this practice makes you mindful of your breath, creating new opportunities for inner calm and personal development.


It's normal to feel apprehensive about facing emotions. Our trained facilitators will guide you through the process gently and supportively. We'll provide you with tools and techniques to manage any emotions that arise, ensuring you feel safe and supported throughout your journey.

Join us for a two day immersive experience with 5 Facilitated Breath Sessions and learn
how to integrate this amazing process into your life.

What Others Say


“A very powerful technique- a doorway to altered states of consciousness where we can release that which needs to be let go of”

Jamie Richards

“Like nothing I have every experienced before-the most powerful mind, body, spirit experience imaginable in a great setting, with great people.”

Patrick Fisher

The facilitators and trainer are like guardian angels. Gently helping and healing deep issues and emotional release. For the first time I have felt something close to peace and acceptance.

Diana Machin

Again a wonderful retreat, it really change my life, the way now I look at myself and others.

Emmanuelle Savarit

Here's what we'll be doing...


  • Learn the basics of Transformational Breath®, including its physical, mental and emotional benefits. 
  • Discover your personal breathing pattern and how it impacts your life and health. 
  • Set personal intentions and goals for the workshop, guided by the facilitators.
  • Participate in two full facilitated breathing sessions to open and connect your breath. 


  • Discover how Transformational Breath® can connect you to a deeper part of yourself.
  • Try advanced breathing techniques to strengthen this spiritual connection. 
  • Learn how breathwork can help with various health issues.
  • Participate in two full facilitated breathing sessions and a morning practice, then share your experiences and plan how to use breathwork in your everyday life.
Women showing location of diaphragm on body with hands below rib cage


Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Do you crave a life filled with calm, clarity, and purpose?
If you’re a busy professional, caregiver, or wellness seeker, Reclaim Your Breath™ offers a scientifically supported, holistic approach to reduce stress, improve health, and regulate emotional wellbeing.  

What to Expect  

Join a small group of like-minded individuals for a transformative weekend where you can:

  • Release and Integrate: Address and process past physical and emotional experiences that have impacted your wellbeing.
  • Facilitated Breath Sessions: Experience hands-on guided breathwork sessions with our highly trained staff, ensuring you receive the best care and support.
  • Authentic Program: Follow a set program developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, a method practiced in over 50 countries for nearly 50 years. This isn't a copycat or untested course; it's the original, proven practice.

Our Commitment to You

Sarah, a certified Transformational Breath® trainer, fosters a nurturing environment where you can express yourself freely, release your worries, and be heard without judgment or shame.

Reclaim Your Breath™ is designed for you to: 

  • Learn Practical Techniques: Take home a breathwork practice that you can integrate into your daily routine, providing ongoing benefits long after the weekend ends.
  • Join a Supportive Community: Connect with others on a similar journey, creating lasting bonds and support networks.
Why Book Reclaim Your Breath™

  • Scientifically Supported: Backed by research and nearly 50 years of global practice, ensuring you receive the highest quality breathwork experience. 
  • International Reach: Transformational Breath® is taught in 54 countries and 12 languages. Dr. Judith Kravitz’s book, Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, has been translated into eight languages.
  • Exclusive Experience: This retreat is limited to only 10 participants to ensure personalised attention. Secure your spot before it's too late!  

A Peek at Transformational Breath and Insights from Dr Judith Kravitz

A Peek at Transformational Breath and Insights from Dr Judith Kravitz


This breath work is one of the most powerful tools I have experienced for releasing feelings and creating more energy in the body.” 

Nicole Belle 

“One of the most amazing
weekends of my life”

Susie Abrahams

Gorgeous, friendly, supportive teachers. Hugely enlightening body work as well as enriching for the soul. One of the weirdest practices I’ve done but stick with it, there’ill be no regrets.

Ellie Tanner

Absolutely brilliant weekend. Venue is lovely and food great. Facilitators are supportive, kind and encouraging. Everyone needs to do TBr. 

Julia Linehan 

INVESTMENT for breathwork weekend


Breath sessions





For just £350, you can transform the way you breathe, leading to a profound change in your life.


Sarah first discovered breathwork many years ago while working as a cognitive hypnotherapist. Despite the success she had with hypnotherapy, she felt that something was missing for both herself and her clients. This search for deeper healing led her to breathwork, and she instantly fell in love with its transformative power.

After her first weekend event, she experienced a profound shift, accessing deeper, stuck emotional events that other therapies hadn't managed to touch.

Sarah tried many different breathwork modalities, ultimately deciding that Transformational Breath® was the practice she wanted to dedicate herself to.

Over the past decade, she has been studying and holding space for thousands of clients, helping them access deep healing and transformation. Sarah has also supported Dr. Judith Kravitz at numerous training events, both in the UK and as far afield as China.

Sarah brings a rich therapy background to her practice, including advanced hypnotherapy, NLP, psychology, and trauma-informed healing. She is a UK qualified Breathwork Teacher and assessor, specialising in women's health and addictions.

As a Lancashire Lass, Sarah cuts through fluff, working with integrity to help her clients achieve profound healing. She believes that everyone has the ability to bring resolution to their past and create a future full of hope and possibility. "I am not here to heal anyone," she says, "only to show them the way through the gateway of breath."

Sarah lives in London near Epping Forest with her husband and their two dogs. Her personal experiences and professional background make her a compassionate and experienced Trainer for the Reclaim Your Breath™ Weekend.


Transformational Breath® Trainer

This event is for you if

You are dedicated to becoming the best version of yourself and are eager to experience profound personal transformation.

You have an open mind and are curious about alternative therapies and holistic practices.

You are willing to be an active participant, engage with others, and contribute to a supportive community. Our environment is welcoming and encourages even the naturally shy to connect deeply.

You prefer small, intimate groups that allow for deep connections and personalised attention.

You are seeking an alternative approach that holistically addresses your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

You are ready to disconnect from work and technology to be fully present and engaged over the weekend.

You are excited to learn new breathwork techniques and eager to incorporate them into your daily routine.

You are motivated to make meaningful changes and are ready to commit to the practices and techniques you will learn during the breathwork weekend and beyond.

Questions You Might Have

Sat 21st Sept 2024 9:30 to 4:30pm
Sun 22nd Sept 10:00 to 4:00pm

In an beautiful venue near Alexandra Palace N22 London UK. For privacy reasons, the address will be provided on booking.
Parking is usually available close by on the weekends.
Nearest tube is Bounds Green on the Northern Line

A nourishing lunch, snacks and drinks are included (vegan)

Transformational Breath is a powerful and holistic breathwork technique that focuses on conscious connected breathing to facilitate personal transformation, healing, and overall well-being. It involves breathing deeply and rhythmically to open up the full respiratory system, which can help release emotional blockages, reduce stress, increase vitality, and promote mental clarity, Transformational Breath has been used by tens of thousands of individuals worldwide to address a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. 

No prior experience is necessary. This event is designed for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

At the registration process, you will have the opportunity to inform us of any medical conditions or concerns you may have. We believe that everyone can benefit from improving their breathing. If necessary, we are open to making adjustments to accommodate your needs, such as providing extra pillows or other suitable measures to ensure your comfort and safety during the session. Should you have any concerns please contact us before booking.

During the session, you'll be comfortably lying down on mats with pillows and blankets, so we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing with layers, avoiding anything too tight or restrictive around the waist. We have serene grounds for relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind. To enhance your experience, we suggest refraining from caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes before your arrival. Planning a tranquil evening afterward will enable you to fully benefit from the day's effects. For those seeking an immersive weekend experience, local accommodations can be arranged.

We create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable. Sarah is keeping her group size small for this weekend to ensure all participants get personalised attention. Additionally, you'll have the option to participate in individual sessions after the weekend, if you wish to continue.

Breathwork is a content-free practice, meaning you don't need to share deeply personal details to benefit. You can engage fully without discussing any personal matters.

You will leave with a practical breathwork routine and access to an international online community for ongoing support. We also offer follow-up sessions to help work through any deeper issues. There are ongoing programs that you can join that will deepen the work you do over this weekend.

Given the low cost of this event, and the limited number of spaces, if you find yourself unable to attend, we kindly encourage you to consider gifting your place to someone else who can attend in your place. If you are unable to attend at the last minute we will provide you with a discount for a future event as a gesture of consideration..