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Reclaim Your Breath™

21/22nd Sept 2024 Bounds Green London N22 UK

Come join Sarah Jons for an incredible weekend of four Transformational Breath® sessions. Take a deep dive into this practice, and explore your inner self through breath analysis and body mapping. Embark on a journey of self-reflection and healing, and witness the remarkable power of Breathwork. 

“This breath work is one of the most powerful tools I have experienced for releasing feelings and creating more energy in the body.” 

Nicole Belle Reclaim Your Breath


Reclaim Your Breath™ 21/22nd Sept 2024

Despite popular belief, breathing does more than just keep us alive.
It acts as a gateway to achieving higher levels of self-awareness and living in the present.

The breath, an often overlooked tool, can help free us from negative emotions and past traumas that are stopping us from leading a happier life.
With Transformational Breath®, a science-supported technique, you can unlock your body’s natural self-healing powers and develop your inherent capacity for personal growth.

The 3 Levels of Transformational Breath


By learning and implementing Transformational Breath, individuals are able to maximise their oxygen intake, promoting physical wellbeing and replacing unhealthy breathing habits


Letting out buried feelings, dealing with old wounds, and reducing daily mental strain helps promote current emotional health, mental clarity, and inner tranquility that can slow down the natural ageing process.


 Individuals can experience a profound spiritual understanding and a greater sense of unity with the universe, ultimately enriching their sense of purpose.

here's what we'll be doing...


Under the guidance of Sarah Jons and her experienced facilitators, you'll gain insights into the principles of conscious connected breathing. Topics covered will include the physiology of breath, breath pattern analysis, and the use of additional techniques like sound and movement for emotional release. We'll also offer a glimpse into intention setting and the body mapping process. Expect an immersive weekend filled with experiential learning, group discussions, and ample opportunities for sharing/ questions. 


This course is designed to offer a hands-on experience of the power of breath in promoting self-healing and transformation. Through guided breathwork practices, attendees will have the opportunity to release deep-seated emotions, access inner clarity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Each session will be led by experienced staff, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for personal exploration.


Participants will gain invaluable tools to continue their breathwork journey beyond the weekend, including guidance on establishing a consistent home practice and insights into other available programmes. They'll learn to seamlessly integrate the retreat-acquired techniques into their daily lives, with additional resources for sustained self-care and personal growth. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to rejoin breathing classes to maintain practice consistency

Women showing location of diaphragm on body with hands below rib cage

Imagine this...


Embark on a two-day journey of self-discovery and healing, where you'll uncover the incredible potential of your breath as the key to accessing your subconscious mind.


Experience the transformative potential of conscious connected breathing in a secure and supportive environment facilitated by a team of dedicated staff.


Unlock and integrate deep-seated emotions and bring resolution to past traumas, delving even deeper with each successive session.


Cultivate mental clarity and emotional well-being, allowing your mind to find focus and tranquility while releasing emotional blockages and nurturing inner peace to better navigate life's challenges


Embrace a profound spiritual connection with yourself and others, exploring the sensations of joy, happiness, and the transformative power of surrender.


If you're in pursuit of holistic well-being, then join me on a transformative journey to uncover the profound art of conscious breath

As the founder of The Breathwork Teachers, Sarah Jons specialises in addiction recovery, infertility, and trauma, harnessing the profound power of breathwork for self-healing through an exploration of the subconscious mind and body.

Sarah was also the founder of The Big Breath Company Ltd, accumulating nearly a decade of experience in delivering transformative breathwork trainings and seminars.

She is deeply committed to spreading the potential of conscious breathwork, guiding life-changing weekend retreats, and passionately merging ancient wisdom with the latest insights from neuroscience. Sarah's mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential through the practice of conscious breathing.


I’ve been in therapy for nearly 6 years and I’ve gained so much though hard work on myself. I’ve worked though a lot of pain. Then I found Transformational Breath & within my first sessions I cried. It’s been an incredible experience and opened me up in ways I haven’t for a v v long time.”

Becky O Sullivan

Further details

Breathing in and out and smiling

Sat 21st Sept 2024 9:30 to 4:30pm
Sun 22nd Sept 10:00 to 4:00pm

In a beautiful venue near Alexandra Palace N22 London UK. Address provided on booking.
Parking is usually available close by on the weekends.
Nearest tube is Bounds Green on the Northern Line

Lunch is included (vegan)

Transformational Breath is a powerful and holistic breathwork technique that focuses on conscious connected breathing to facilitate personal transformation, healing, and overall well-being. It involves breathing deeply and rhythmically to open up the full respiratory system, which can help release emotional blockages, reduce stress, increase vitality, and promote mental clarity. Developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz over 40 years ago, Transformational Breath has been used by tens of thousands of individuals worldwide to address a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. 

At the registration process, you will have the opportunity to inform us of any medical conditions or concerns you may have. We believe that everyone can benefit from improving their breathing. If necessary, we are open to making adjustments to accommodate your needs, such as providing extra pillows or other suitable measures to ensure your comfort and safety during the session. Should you have any concerns please contact us before booking.

During the session, you'll be comfortably lying down on mats with pillows and blankets, so we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing with layers, avoiding anything too tight or restrictive around the waist. We have serene grounds for relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind. To enhance your experience, we suggest refraining from caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes before your arrival. Planning a tranquil evening afterward will enable you to fully benefit from the session's effects. For those seeking an immersive weekend experience, local accommodations can be arranged to make the most of this transformative journey.

Given the low cost of this event, if you find yourself unable to attend, we kindly encourage you to consider gifting your place to someone else who can attend in your place. If you are unable to attend at the last minute we will provide you with a discount for a future event as a gesture of consideration..

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At The Breathwork Teachers, our commitment is to unlock the transformative potential of your breath for overall well-being. Under the guidance of certified breathwork facilitator and teacher, Sarah, our team embraces a modern, integrative approach that goes beyond traditional practices. Whether you're looking for relaxation, personal growth, or relief from stress and anxiety, we are here to provide expert guidance. Join us in harnessing the incredible power of your breath to enhance your life. Ready to start your journey? Connect with us today